Our Mission

Music has the power to transport us to another time and place. The tone, tempo, and key signatures of every musical composition combine to elevate our spirit, give us strength, and spread universal love around the world. 


Bellachorda is a youth-led organization and global initiative dedicated to spreading music around our communities and igniting positive change in the US and abroad. Our passionate musicians play and educate to marginalized communities throughout the United States, Spain, Costa Rica, Canada, Brazil and China. We believe that music and outreach programs are powerful ways to connect both musicians and non-musicians from all ages and backgrounds, empower ourselves to broaden cultural perspectives, and inspire musical development. Launched on August 2019 in Montgomery County, Maryland, Bellachorda brings together a collective of renowned musicians who strives to democratize music around the world by performing in nursing homes, assisted living centers, police departments, community centers, hospitals, elementary schools, parks, and more. 


Expanding on our belief in the importance of using art to bring comfort, connection, and empowerment to those living on the margins of our local communities, this project is designed to give voice and visibility, through music, to the lives and struggles of both local and international communities, and to educate and encourage audiences and artists alike to become connected and involved.  We bring free, interactive concerts to displaced populations and hope to provide encouragement, education and healing to marginalized communities with limited ability to access it themselves, with a focus on elderly, disabled, rehabilitating, incarcerated, and homeless populations. 

We have also began virtual initiatives to reach people globally including our #SongsOfComfort Series, Music Grams Project, and live concerts with viewers from across the world.

We present formal chamber music and solo recital concerts featuring musicians from MD, VA, SC, FL, PA, NY, OH, IL, TX, AZ, CA, NV, OR, WA, CO, CT, UT, ID, KT, TN, NJ, GA, MA, ND, SD, LA, HI, AL, MS, MI, MO, San Rafael de Escazú, Atenas, San José, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, Quebec, Gramado, and Ontario. Over six countries, our volunteers craft their own sound and story to express their souls and distill meaning from the chaos of life.  We hope to continue expanding our Bellachorda team and reach more audiences.  

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