• Bellachorda

Celebrating 100+ Music Grams!!

Bellachorda could not ask for a more inspiring and supportive group of musicians than our Bellachorda family. In less than a month, we have already received over a hundred Music Gram videos to send out to deserving workers and sick patients with our partnerships with 6ftcloser and the Children's Music Fund.

Our friends at 6ftcloser and CMF are extremely grateful and pleased with the quality of the music being sent in and the sincerity of your messages. We loved seeing so many people rise up to this initiative to help make a positive impact on others. While music may not be able to solve many of the issues facing our communities today, it sure can help us get through them. So, keep nominating deserving people, keep creating meaningful music, and keep your submissions of Music Grams going! We cannot wait to see what you all have next for us!