• Bellachorda

Celebrating Bellachorda's Hit of 100 Community Events!!!

Today, Bellachorda is thrilled to announce its great hit of 100 community events, including its live shows, #SongsOfComfort episodes, and virtual concerts.

Not only have we reached 100 Bellachorda events, but we would also like to recognize our achievements of over 90 Music Gram video submissions to our partnerships with the CMF and 6ftcloser, and over 220 volunteers across 60 Bellachorda chapters around the world!

Bellachorda still has not reached its one-year anniversary of having been established, so we are beyond delighted to see how much we have accomplished so far. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to learn about future events, projects, and opportunities to get involved with Bellachorda.

Thank you so much for following and supporting us. To another 100 community events!