• Bellachorda

Creative Healing: Music as Therapy

Our partners at the Children’s Music Fund and Creative Healing for Youth in Pain (chyp) co-sponsored a panel discussion focusing on Music Therapy as a complement to medical treatments and how it can provide children with coping mechanisms for their chronic pain and illness. Check out the recent webinar below.

The panel represented experts in pain management, pediatrics medicine, neuropsychology, and Music Therapy, including Jon Samson, Raffi Tachdjian, Talin Babikian, Lonnie Zeltzer, Georgia Weston, and Jenna Bollard.

 “Think of the development of pain as a new neural connection that spins on and on. Music Therapy is a way to guide that energy and rushing pain stream to other pathways. When you have less electrical activity and you begin to focus all your energy on music, the pain lessens. In return, the creative parts of the brain get stronger.”

Particularly in these difficult times, we should all rely on one another for strength and hope. By being a part of well-knitted communities like Children’s Music Fund and chyp, families and children can find a kernel of comfort and ease.