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Exciting Projects, Partnerships, and More!

This summer, Bellachorda has coordinated a series of new partnerships and projects for you, including more videos, concerts, and webinars all at the comforts of your home. Please continue reading to learn more about our upcoming events.

To start off the summer, for the next two week (6/15-6/28), Bellachorda will be posting a new #SongsOfComfort Episode each day. You won't want to miss all the new music!

Bellachorda is so excited to announce the start of two new partnerships with the non-profits, 6ftcloser and the Children's Music Fund. Founder Nicole Fang has become an ambassador to both organizations and will be posting more information about upcoming collaborations in the near future.

In light of our partnership with 6ftcloser, Bellachorda will be starting a new page on our website (currently under construction) for all members of our Bellachorda family to submit videos to thank our healthcare workers, teachers, parents, and anyone else who have made a difference in your lives. The thank you's can be spoken orally, but our partnership encourages all musicians following us to play some of their favorite pieces of music for their chosen receiver. Music has such a heavy impact on others and is truly a wonderful way to thank so many people in our lives. Learn more about 6ftcloser at:

The leadership team of Bellachorda has always followed closely on the activities of the Children's Music Fund, and so we are beyond thrilled to be starting a collaboration with their team. The Children's Music Fund is a wonderful organization using music therapy as a treatment to heal sick children, donating musical instruments to kids, and supporting music therapy research. Bellachorda will also soon be starting a new page on our website to provide more information on the healing powers of music therapy and research. All donations and support are endorsed by Bellachorda and we will be sending all our #SongsOfComfort videos to the CMF children. Learn more about the Children's Music Fund at:

We are so excited for our upcoming projects and cannot wait for you all to participate. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourselves updated on our developments.