• Bellachorda

Launch of Music Therapy Page!!

Earlier today, Bellachorda launched a new page on our website, under "Projects" to educate and inform our followers on Music Therapy. You can find the page by clicking this link:

Music has always been considered to be “the universal language of mankind.” Music therapy has healing and calming properties that no medically prescribed medication has. Bellachorda's partnership with the Children’s Music Fund advocates to bring light and hope into the lives of sick kids by providing them music therapy, where the pluck of a guitar or the stroke of a violin can abade some of the harsh realities of a hospital room. However, music supports everybody, which is why Bellachorda has expanded to provide #SongsOfComfort Episodes and Music Therapy Events to the public.

On this new page, we will begin to publish articles, presentations, and hold frequent webinars discussing what music therapy is, the benefits, history, and process of therapy, and how you can get involved or contribute to the expansion of music therapy to more people.

We are so excited to finally have our music therapy page running and we hope that the material and events we put out has an impact on your life.