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Music and Your Mentality: Music Therapy Fast Facts

Happy August to our wonderful Bellachorda family! This week, we will be sharing some fun and interesting fast facts about music therapy to enlighten your day.

  1. People of all ages can benefit from music therapy. While most people believe music therapy is only for children, therapy benefits adolescents, adults, and the elderly with no age restriction or musical talent required. Music therapy services can be found in assisted living facilities, schools, mental health centers, and many other places.

  2. Music therapy incorporates a variety of musical styles. Depending on the type of patient and desired outcomes of therapy, certified therapists may use several types of music during treatment for maximum benefit and effectiveness.

  3. Music therapy also helps healthy individuals. The healing power of music therapy goes beyond patients with mental health problems or illnesses. Healthy people also seek out music therapy for stress reduction, relaxation, motivation for exercise, and creativity.

  4. Music therapy assists in the rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addicts. Music therapy promotes stress reduction and anxiety management, taking alcoholics and drug addicts' minds off of withdrawal symptoms and focusing their attention towards recovery.

  5. Music therapy assists with labor and delivery. Helping mothers relax, practice breathing techniques, and get comfortable in their delivery environment are all services provided through the power of music.

  6. Music therapists serve over 1.6 million people each year. Music therapy is becoming an increasingly popular form of medical treatment for patients suffering both physical and mental injuries. Due to media coverage and research, we look forward to watching this number continue to rise.

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