• Bellachorda

Music Grams!!!!

We are so excited to finally announce the launch of Music Grams, a new initiative started by the Bellachorda team to encourage our subscribers to help spread music and love across our communities.

Under "Projects," you will find a webpage about Music Grams that will give you all the information you need to know to participate in this project.

One way you can participate is by nominating a deserving individual who you want to receive a Music Gram. A link to a Google Form allows you to complete the nomination process and show your thanks to your person. The second way to participate is by helping the Bellachorda team create Music Grams! Even if you do not play an instrument, we encourage you to sing a song, create a dance, and make up your own creative way to show your appreciation to a nominated individual. This is a great opportunity for our communities to become more interconnected and for you to help spread joy.

Your video may not only be sent to a nominated person, but featured on our #SongsOfComfort Series. On the Music Grams Submission form, we allow you to choose how you want your music to be shared. In light of our partnership with the Children's Music Fund, you may also have your music be transformed into a form of music therapy for sick children and patients. Videos used as music therapy will be redirected to and handled by CMF.

Our team created this initiative to reach out to more people and allow you to feel the fulfillment and gratification of creating for others. We were so surprised by how many submissions and nominations we already got before we created this blog post, and we cannot wait to see what you all have in store!