• Bellachorda

Russell Freeman Park Performance

Although many states have not yet reopened, a group of guitarists from Idaho Falls performed a community concert at Russell Freeman Park this past weekend.

The Bella Chorda Guitar Ensemble, including Eric Krauskopf, Kabeer Motwani, Sanjay Amirthraj, Jonah Parrish, Elle Smith, Simon Krauskopf, Linden Meyer and Olivia Bannister, performed 4 pieces: a work by contemporary composer, James Chang, an Alemaign by Thomas Robinson, an original arrangement called Playing With Play With Fire by Kieth Richards and Mick Jagger and the Allegro Movement of the quartet for 4 violins by Telemann.

Bellachorda hopes to get back into performing live performances, but safety is priority right now. Feel free to listen to our #SongsOfComfort Series posted under