• Bellachorda

#SongsOfComfort Episode 11

Welcome to the first episode of our daily #SongsOfComfort Series this week. This week, we have a Spanglish cover of JP Saxe's If The World Was Ending by our International Director, Valeria Serrano.

Valeria thought it would be perfect to start the week with a calming and soothing song that reflected some of the events occurring today. So much is wrong with the world right now, but taking this time to focus on yourselves and your family will get us through the times together, coming out stronger than ever. Reflect on yourselves, your beliefs, who you want to be. Use every second to better yourselves and the world around you.

We hope that our #SongsOfComfort episodes are providing some sort of relief and solace for all our listeners, but also sparking motivation to take initiative in your own lives to help your communities.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow and each day of this week for a new episode! We have so many talented and beautiful musicians joining and creating more content for you all!