• Bellachorda

#SongsOfComfort Episode 24

This last day of our daily episode uploads from our #SongsOfComfort Series brings a special cover of Can't Help Falling in Love from singer Val Serrano.

Please immerse yourself in this emotional and tranquil cover to find happiness in simplicity. Live your life to its best and fullest. Treat others well, but most importantly, treat yourself well.

Today, drop your electronic devices, exit your social media, and mute the news channels. Instead, go outside and enjoy nature, or do something nice for your family. Perhaps, learn a new song and submit a music gram!

While we are very sad to see the end of daily uploads after the past two weeks, we will still be uploading episodes twice a week! Make sure to check our website regularly for new episodes, concerts, and projects. From one member of this Bellachorda family to another, thank you so much for tuning in - we love you!!