• Bellachorda

#SongsOfComfort Episode 46

We hope everyone is doing well today. We're all dealing with a lot these days from the pandemic to the current political climate and more. It's easy to feel defeated and helpless with all of these issues seeming to be out our control. But it is important to take a deep breath and step away from all the craziness. Our friends at Bellachorda are here for you and we hope that our music helps you find relief for even just a little bit.

Today, we introduce cellist Alex Oh playing the Prelude of the Bach Cello Suite No. 3 in C major. As with all of Bach's music, you can listen to each line of the music as a melody of its own. For a moment of musical meditation put this piece on at night, close your eyes and follow the notes of the bass line – and marvel at its beautiful melody.

Have a great rest of your week, and we look forward to publishing a new episode next week!