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#SongsOfComfort Episode 53

The new year is so close! We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy wherever you may be for this last month of 2020. Our team knows how this holiday season might be a lonely one for many of us, but always know that you have our Bellachorda family to reach out to for support and comfort. Contact us over Instagram @bellachorda_official or request a special Music Gram to be sent to you here. If you are like us and turn to music during troubling times, hopefully our #SongsOfComfort episodes will comfort you a little bit as we enter the new year.

Today, we have a special episode featuring BeccasMelodies playing a beautiful piano cover of Deshae Frost's "Love Me." You can find more of her music on her YouTube channel or on her Instagram @beccasmelodies.

We encourage you to share our music and website with your family and friends to further grow this Bellachorda family. If you are a musician currently in a secondary, undergraduate, or post-graduate institution, please consider joining our mission and initiatives here. And of course, make someone's holiday season brighter by nominating or sending your own Music Gram here!

Have a wonderful last few weeks until 2021. Let's aim for a great new year full of beautiful music!