• Bellachorda

#SongsOfComfort Episode 55

Happy new year! With 2021 here, we are all ready to bring new music, greater connection, and more love to you. Remember that whatever this year throws us, you have music by your side anytime for comfort. We see you, and you're doing amazing.

To start off the year, we have singer and songwriter Saanika Mahashetty with her latest single "Toy." Saanika says that, “Toy is mainly about the stress and anxiety that a teenager feels, especially in these middle and high school years where you’re under a lot of judgment from the people around you. It’s like everything you do you feel like it’s not enough. I feel like a lot of people can relate to these types of lyrics that I wrote and I want to channel that type of energy.” Use this episode to feel the music on which hope is built.

To read more about Saanika and her journey, read this article.

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