• Bellachorda

#SongsOfComfort Episode 64

Happy Monday! Today, we bring to you an original composition and arrangement by Josh Liu, played by a virtually-assembled group of musicians. Titled "A Dark Thanksgiving," Liu's composition delves into the difficult emotions and universal anxiety of 2020.

In a special message by Liu:

The year of 2020 was a dark year, let us take a moment to remember the lives taken by the pandemic, the hate crimes, the subtle and overt racism, the Texan winter storm, the breaching, California wildfires, etc. But let us also remember that it is a time of thankfulness as well. Us students survived Zoom, and what a once in a lifetime experience. People provided food and shelter during that terrible storm. Musicians found other ways to make music, diverse changes are happening in art, and most importantly, we found a vaccine for Covid. The human spirit survives, and we live another day!


Josh Liu, violin I

Nick Hammel, violin II

Ella Hammersly, viola

Nicole Fang, cello

Yuzhe Chen & Sam Tam & David Hsieh, piano