Camila Urias, International Director 

Meixing Zhang, International Director

Carolina Durán Ramírez, International Director

"This organization embodies our whole purpose and desire as musicians to perform for others and democratize music. Music is our haven during rough times and can provide a source of joy and happiness, to take the worries away. You never know how your music is going to impact someone, and that's why I love playing for those in my community.

Hogar de Ancianos Hortencia Rodríguez de Bolaños, Costa Rica

"All the residents and faculty members were thrilled with the inspiring and upbeat performance. When such amazing musicians can relate to a crowd as all of you did, that makes a wonderful connection. Thank you again for an outstanding musical experience with a talented and personable group of young musicians. 

Sequoias San Francisco Home, California

"What an amazing performance and group of musicians! Jess Sammis and this organization as a whole were very organized in setting up this event and our faculty and residents were also SO SO inspired by the passion shown throughout all the performers. Your mission is incredible and I wish this organization the best in its future events. 

"我从一个音乐家朋友那里了解了这个组织,我很高兴我加入了。 为他人而战并见证我们的灵魂团结起来真是令人心动。 音乐是一种语言,它充分利用了直接与灵魂对话的简约和美丽。 作为 Bellachorda 的一部分,演出已真挚地成为一种特权和祝福。

I found out about this organization from a musician friend and I am so glad that I joined. It has been so heartwarming to play for others and witness our souls unite. Music is a language that harnesses so much simplicity and beauty speaking directly to the soul. Performing as part of Bellachorda has sincerely become a privilege and a blessing.

"Bellachorda is genuinely my life and soul. Organizing and performing around nursing homes, schools and hospitals in Costa Rica is a thrilling experience that I would trade for the world. I have been a part of this organization since its start and it has been amazing to watch it grow and blossom with more musicians and events.

Children Miracle Network, Arizona

Barton Hills Assisted Living, Texas

Wonderful, wonderful job! Such heartfelt musicianship! Choice of chamber music and solos were perfect. The combination of classical and pop was performed so well and it definitely engaged our senior members. They are asking for us to bring you back again soon! You are all beautiful musicians and it is so awesome of you to promote your obvious passions of music. Thank you so, so much!

Our kids enjoyed your performance very much. Your musicians are very talented and dedicated. It was a pleasure listening to them. I'm sure they have inspired their young audience to find their passion in music and instruments. The kids in attendance were completely captivated and loved the medley as well as the interactive parts of the performance.

Derek Popov, subscriber of #SongsOfComfort Series

Verdeza Retirement Home, Costa Rica

"Beautiful!!!! Thank you so much for volunteering at our retirement home and playing such a well-planned and entertaining performance. Definitely come back in the future because our residents love you!!

Brookdale Senior Living Center, Maryland

"With the amount of distress and adversity occurring throughout the country and this world, Bellachorda's #SongsOfComfort Series is one of the only things keeping my spirits and hope up. Every week, I look forward to seeing and hearing another video by your musicians. It is truly moving and inspiring to see these young musicians use their talents to contribute to their communities and make this world a better place. Thank you for keeping me sane during these crazy times and for always putting a smile on my face, week after week.

May Thomas, subscriber of #SongsOfComfort Series

"Thank you so much for organizing all these virtual episodes! They really make my day every week. I also loved the original compositions that have been appearing so often now. It is cool to see the musical perspectives of today's youth!

"Thank you for coming and spreading music throughout our building! The senior members and faculty really enjoyed your performance and cannot wait for you guys to come back. It is wonderful to see young people like you serve your community and have fun while doing it too!

Forum Auditorium, Pennsylvania

"We love having Kayra Hyatt, Paige Kriel, and Ella Roth perform in our hall. They are always so much of a joy to watch and listen!

Christ Fellowship Church, Florida

"Thank you for coming today. Music always manages to connect us together and it was a wonderful atmosphere that you brought to our church today. You are welcome back anytime! We would love to see you again.

Visitor of Russell Freeman Park, Idaho

"WOW! I did not expect to see all these wonderful guitarists today! I've never experienced anything like this before. I think it is awesome that you guys are giving back to your community through music and playing at unconventional places like this park. You guys sound so good already at such a young age and I see nothing but a bright future for all of you!

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Tennessee

"The children and our faculty love you! We are each going through tough times right now, but thank you for bringing your music to our hospital. It definitely calmed down crying and hurting patients and brought a HUGE smile to our faces!

AMITA Health Saint Joseph Hospital, Illinois

"We love your mission, energy, and vision. Thank you so much for all the #SongsOfComfort videos you send to our hospital. We share them to many of our patients and it really helps them relax and calm down. Our staff and patients love having youth volunteers in our hospital, so we were so pleased to meet your organization. 

Paula Garcia, Music Gram Recipient

"Receiving a Music Gram was one of the best gifts I've ever gotten! Thank you, Music Grams for creating an outlet to give the gift of music! While my life now is very hectic as a healthcare worker, it is very nice to receive a note of thanks from others, and especially one with music. The gift brought so much joy to me.

Albert Cho, subscriber of #SongsOfComfort Series

"With so much hate and negativity in the world right now, your team and group of musicians bring so much light and positivity to my life. I always smile when I get a notification about a new episode coming out. The interactions you have with your listeners is very sincere and loving, so thank you for spending time and effort to do this for us.

Ensign Elementary School, Utah

"Thank you for coming to our school. We have never had anyone like you before! It was perfect for our kids to be introduced to the world of music and join an interactive concert that allowed them to touch the instruments and see what they might want to try out in the future. Our kids loved you so much and were even still talking about the concert the next morning! Definitely go to more schools because what you do is very inspiring.

Stephanie Li, Music Gram Nominator

"Music Grams are wonderful for any and every occasion. Music is the most powerful way anyone can spread and show their love to someone else, and Music Grams have already touched so many lives. My professor loved the one I sent to her. Whether you nominate your grandma, your brother, or your best friend, anyone and everyone can enjoy Music Grams!

Anika Doncheva, subscriber of #SongsOfComfort Series

"I LOVE this series so so so much. I honestly was not very into classical music in the past, but I have found myself engrossed beginning to end of so many of the classical #SongsOfComfort episodes. I also love that there is a variety in the genres of music that this series shares. Thank you Bellachorda for expanding my horizon in music taste!!!

Dickinson Fire Department, North Dakota

"Wow! What a wonderful group of musicians sharing their music to their community. Our firefighters have never been thanked with music before, so it was a very eye-opening and heart-warming experience. When you have the chance, we would always love to see you guys again.

Chloe Nguyen, Music Gram Recipient

"Thank you for the Music Gram. It was totally unexpected and made me feel so loved. I think this idea of Music Grams is so creative and cool. I'll definitely nominate some deserving people in my life because I know that they will love it as much as I did.

Megan Chen, Music Grams Outreach Coordinator

"It is so crazy to see how big Bellachorda's Music Grams Project has grown. I think I can speak on behalf of our team and of 6ftcloser that your Music Gram submissions and nominations have sparked new love and appreciation for the diverse and hardworking people in our communities. If you are hesitant about participating in this initiative, DON'T BE. The gratification that you feel afterwards is worth every second of your time and effort. 

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